Spend your vacation in Cuba

Spend your vacation in Cuba

Cuba is a vibrant mix of history and present, adventure and astonishingly rich culture. It is a getaway island with Perfect weather, pristine waters, beautiful scenery, Soaring architecture and Exotic wildlife. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and the second most popular island. This getaway island was called the “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen” by Christopher Columbus, who discovered the Caribbean.

Things not to miss in Cuba

On this beautiful Island of Cuba, there are so many fun things you can’t afford to miss. While wandering this island of history and present try visiting the cigar factory and see how cigars are made, try salsa dancing and visiting the crocodile farm. Bring your kids swimming with the dolphins and sea lions. Make this vacation a lifelong memory.

Shopping in Cuba

Cuba offers a unique shopping experience for shoppers. For the world’s best cigars, head to the tobacco heartland of Pinar Del Río, where you can buy them straight from the source at the Francisco Donatien cigar factory. Cuba’s famous rum can be purchased in virtually any town. At the Arrechabala Rum Factory near Varadero, you can enjoy a bit of rum-distilling history too. Equally famous is the island’s aromatic, organically-grown coffee.  In Havana, find some of the most creative art work.

Tip: When making duty-free purchases be sure to have your passport or airline ticket with you.

Best place to be for music lovers

Matamoros Son Festival – September 10th 2014
The Matamoros Son Festival takes place in Santiago de Cuba - the birthplace of music in Cuba. This festival is a meeting of all the famous musicians in Cuba and international artists from all over the world. There will be concerts, lectures on Cuban music and traditional music, dances, workshops, book and CD launches. There will also be a national dance competition of Cha-Cha, Son, Salsa, Casino, Mambo and Danzon.  This festival is very exciting for lovers of Cuban music. Concerts take place in many of the popular venues around the city.
Here is a great chance to interact with locals
The CDR's (Comite's de la Defensa de la Revolution) are the main grass-roots organisations of Cuba's socialist system. Each CDR is typically a block of a city. The annual birthday party involves a street party with all the residents of the community participating. Among the traditions of the party is the preparation of a caldosa stew that is cooked by wood-fire in a big pot on the street. It is a great time to interact with the locals and learn more about the Cuban culture.