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Monday, 8th Septempber

An island where beauty is pure

Grenada's physical beauty is complemented by its rich history and vibrant, living cultural heritage. It is a mountainous island, covered with aromatic spice trees, rare tropical flowers and surrounded by stunning beaches. This warm island commonly known as “Island of Spice” is place where beauty is pure and authentic. This island boosts stretches of white sand and shallow beaches as well as warm, gentle people.

Things not to miss in Grenada

Grenada is perfect for seekers looking for a challenge, from the world's first underwater sculpture park to the rugged trails of the island's interior. This green island has so much fun activities to engage in while on your stay. There are tours suitable for all ages and character. While on your visit, try diving to see the underwater sculptures or try the Mocha Spoke Bicycle Tours.

Shopping in Grenada

Grenada offers shopping experience for every taste and personality. Like many of the islands, Grenada has fine duty free bargains including perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, crystal and Colombian Emeralds. This Island offers a variety of fresh produce, spices and handicrafts. The most popular purchased items in Grenada are batik and screen printed textiles and locally made craft items. One of the most popular souvenirs in Grenada the woven basket filled with the spices. Bon Voyage, Land and Colombian Emeralds offer beautiful luxury goods and jewelry.

Tip: When making duty-free purchases be sure to have your passport or airline ticket with you.



Visiting Grenada

There aren’t massive hotels like the other Caribbean Counties but there are beautiful resorts that offer personalized attention and unique paradise atmosphere like the Laluna Resort which is one of the most popular 5 star resorts in Grenada. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful peaceful beaches and enjoy the tranquility of the island without huge crowds.

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Grenada's physical beauty is complemented by its rich history and vibrant,living cultural heritage.

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