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Trinidad is commonly known as an island of adventure. Every day is something new, from hiking through rain forests on the trail of hidden waterfalls or exploring deep caves, to cycling through the countryside and kayaking past wildlife filled forests.

Capital: Port Of Spain | Currency: Trinidadian Dollars | Official Language: English

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Nariva Swamp Tour

Chaguaramas Military History Museum
Free Admission

Yarra Beach
Free Admission

Free Admission

Prime Restaurant
Free Admission

Castara Retreats Restaurant
Free Admission

106 The Restaurant
Free Admission

The Seahorse Inn
Free Admission

Pigeon Point (Tobago)

Free Admission

Asa Wright Nature Centre
Free Admission

Queen's Park Savannah

Paria Falls

Las Cuevas Beach
Free Admission

Maracas Bay
Free Admission

Argyle Falls

Gasparee Caves

Richard's Shark and Bake

Asa Wright Nature Centre

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