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Tuesday, 7th

Planning to spend your holidays in Barbados

Barbados is a sophisticated, charming and warm island commonly known as “Bim”. It is the most eastern and one of the most developed Caribbean Islands. This beautiful island which gained its independence on the 30th of November 1966 will seduce you with the warmth of friendly people and alluring beaches. The island of Barbados is surrounded with captivating caves and serene botanic gardens that draw travellers from all around the world. If you’re looking for a vacation of adventures and relaxation, this island has activities that will satisfy every mood, character and taste.


Things not to miss in Barbados

Relaxing on the miles of golden powered sand in Barbados may be very tempting but a vacation in Barbados has lots more enticing activities to engage in. Dive in the turquoise seawaters, walk through the gully, Book a tour at Harrison’s cave or try zip lining. Don’t forget to head down to St. Lawrence Gap on a Thursday night and Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night!

Shopping in Barbados

Barbados offers shoppers everything from creative and unusual handicrafts to up to date luxury goods. Barbados has fantastic bargains on British goods like crystal and bone china, as well as luxury items such as watches, jewelry and perfume. One of Barbados most popular souvenir is the Mount Gay Rum. This rum is being made locally in the island and carries a unique flavor.  The island is also known for its local art, including pottery, shell art, hand-painted fabrics, handmade dolls, and glass art. Visit Cave Shepherd for luxury goods, Diamonds International for Jewelry and The Chattel Village for creative handicraft.

Tip: When making duty-free purchases be sure to have your passport or airline ticket with you.

When in Barbados, Eat here on a Friday or Saturday Night

Oistins is one of the liveliest weekend activities in Barbados. Every Friday and Saturday night, the streets of Oistins will be filled with energetic locals and visitors enjoying the mixture of different music. You will find some of the best tasting fish and chips. You will find fried or grilled tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi and flying fish. Other seafood is also being prepared like lobster and shrimp. Best time to get to know the culture of Barbados.


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