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Monday, 8th Septempber

Planning to spend your vacation in Dominica?

Dominica is an island of natural beauty.  This island is known as the “Nature Island” in the Caribbean. Dominica is the trailhead to adventure and discovery. It’s volcanic peaks, boiling waters, underwater champagne springs, Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest canopies makes it paradise for hikers and divers.  Visitors tend to make Dominica their destination when they’re looking forward to a magical and pure vacation. Dominica is also one of the few Caribbean Countries which speaks creole.

Things not to miss in Dominica

This land of rivers and waterfalls has loads of activities to engage in. Staying in your hotel room is not an option when on this beautiful island. There are a variety of water activities that cools and relaxes you when visiting this paradise. There are also exciting tours like Bumping tours and attractions like The Botanical Gardens, Hot springs and Sari Sari waterfalls that you can’t afford to miss.

Shopping in Dominica

Dominica is not a shopping paradise for visitors.  Shoppers may be disappointed in the stores and products offered in Dominica. However, craft lovers will find some wonderful locally made items. Shops and roadside stalls sell unique handicrafts made by the artistic people using methods handed down over many generations. Baskets made from the outer skin of the larouma reed are strikingly different from those made of grass or palm leaves on other islands. Dominican mats made of vertiver grass are considered the best in the Caribbean. Art lovers will find outstanding pieces of souvenir at competitive prices from several galleries like Papillote Wilderness Retreat.

Tips: Most shops open between 8a.m and 5p.m from Monday to Friday and closed on Sundays.


Don’t miss out swimming in one or many of Dominica’s purified rivers
Imagine spending a year in Dominica and every day you’re diving and swimming in a different river. Yes, Dominica has 365 rivers.  When you’re in Jamaica, simple pick a river and you are sure to find a perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing bath. You will most likely come across some amazing waterfalls as well. 


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