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Monday, 8th Septempber

Create memories to last a life time in Jamaica

Jamaica beaches are where you start your holiday and make memories to last a lifetime. Its long sandy beaches to crystal clear water, secret coves, gush waterfalls and mineral baths makes Jamaica a magical island to spend your vacation. Jamaica is located in the center of the Caribbean Sea and is the fifth largest Caribbean Island. This unique island is commonly known for producing some of the words fastest athletic champions and most talented reggae artist.

Things not to miss in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island filled with activities and places to make memories with your family and friends. Don’t just sit at your resort and sip on cocktails. You must try River Rafting, Swimming with Dolphins or hiking the Blue Mountain Peaks.

Shopping in Jamaica

Jamaica is not an island for Shopaholics, but you will definitely find some really attractive items to purchase. This island offers artwork to batik fabrics to baskets. Wood carvings are one of the most purchased items; the finest carvings are made from the Jamaican national tree, lignum vitae, or tree of life. Jamaican rum is another top souvenir purchased by many tourists. Coffee (both Blue Mountain and the less expensive High Mountain) is sold at nearly every gift shop on the island as well. The cheapest prices are often found at the local grocery stores, where you can buy coffee beans or ground coffee. Shops at Devon House, Time square and Carriacou are some shops you can go to.

Tip: Bargains are available on local crafts

Oktober Fest is coming up soon

From the 1st to the 31st of October, Locals and tourist get together to celebrate the influence the German society has on Jamaica. This event includes game playing, food, beer, wine and plenty of prizes to be won. Don’t miss out on meeting and communicating with Jamaican people. This is a fun filled event to attend in Jamiaca.

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